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Всем, кто считает, что машинный перевод возможен, а особенно всем, кто в Гугле тратит миллионы (миллиарды?) на обоснование этой светлой мечты, сей перепост из The Sunday Times посвящается:

Ian Duhig is a fine poet, says Andrew Holgate. But Duhig is also an accomplished punster, who uses his Twitter feed to tell "deadpan, Tommy-Cooper-style jokes".

Here are a few of his impressively compact one-liners.

"Just finished a book about how they built the Titanic. It was rivetting."

"There's now three funeral directors round here. Stiff competition."

"I was surrounded by Ferlinghetti fans at the pub this lunch-time. It was a Ferlinghetto,"

"People are out to get me for stealing and wearing their confectionery. There's a bounty on my head at the moment."

"Elton John reportedly very upset when his favourite e-reader was blown away in a scene he described as looking 'like a Kindle in the wind'."

"A Republican presidential candidate walks into a bar. Because it was set so low."

Гугл — на выход! Вам слово...

Posted by Alexander Bagaev on 27 фев 2017, 08:39